Denture Adhesive Powder

Denture Adhesive Powder


Denture adhesive powder is ideal for new denture wearers. Easy to use. No mess, no fuss. Delivers a strong, all-day hold between dentures and gums. Buy the best and easiest denture adhesive powder.

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Denture Adhesive Powder provides a super strong hold, keeping dentures securely in place, longer. Suitable for full or partial denture wearers.

Denture Adhesive Powder is ideal for new denture wearers.
Delivers a strong all-day hold for upper and lower dentures.
Improved hold means a better and more comfortable denture fit.
Better hold helps prevent irritation caused by denture movement.
Easy to use, no ooze, no mess.
Natural Seaweed extract ingredient.
Non-zinc formula.

Directions applying:
1. Clean your dentures and leave wet.
2. Spray an even and light amount of powder onto denture surface coming into contact with gums or roof of the mouth.
3. Insert denture into mouth, press firmly and bite down evenly, holding for 5 seconds.

Directions removing:
1. Swish mouth with water.
2. Slowly remove denture using a rocking motion.
3. Wipe adhesive residue from gums and dentures with a soft, moist cloth.

Main Ingredient: Alginate.

Brand:  Y-Kelin
Size:  25gr (0.88 oz) Bottle
Made In: China
Shelf Life:  3 years

Note:  This item ship directly from China.


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