Denture Brush

Denture Brush


Clean dentures, retainers and mouth guards easily and quickly with this specially designed brush. Ergonomic, non-slip handle. Suitable for full dentures, partial dentures, retainers + mouth guards. Best denture brush.

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This Denture Brush helps you easily and quickly clean dentures, retainers and mouth guards.

The best Denture Brush available to buy is Y-Kelin evident in their uniquely designed brush heads that keep hard to reach places clean. The soft bristles if the brush prevent irritation and discomfort during the cleaning process.  The durable anti-bacterial materials prevent the growth of mold and other unwanted germs in order to keep your oral health in tip-top shape.

The Best Way to keep your dentures clean.

Remove the dentures and gently place brush them every day. After soaking the dentures gently use the denture brush to remove food, plaque and unwanted build up. The brushing process should also include the grooves that fit your gum.


Specially designed brush with ultra-soft bristles.
Unique dual brush heads help clean hard-to-reach places.
Features specially shaped handle that is tilted and thick, with anti-slip grip.
Durable, premium-quality antibacterial material.

Best denture brush to maintain that minty fresh feel. Buy Y-Kelin.

Brand:  Y-Kelin
Size:  15cm (Small brush head=1cm, Large brush head=3.2cm)
Made In: China

Note: This item ship directly from China.


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