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Razor Blades with Trimmer

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  • M5 Razor Blades


    Only $2.75/Refill

    M5 delivers a superior shave with premium, stainless steel razor blades.
    5-blade + trimmer razors are perfect for hard-to-shave and sensitive areas.
    Get super smooth skin with M5…best razor blades online.

  • Schick Hydro Compatible 5-Blade+Trimmer Razors


    5-blade + trimmer-blade cartridges // sensing stainless steel vibration blades with a lubricating strip and roller guide for a super smoother, closer shave // guardian trimmer blade for hard-to-shave areas.

    * While T-Series Set razor cartridges can be used with a Schick Hydro handle, our T-Series Set handle CANNOT be used with original Schick Hydro blades.