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The WONDER Acne Pen is an innovative 2-in-1 product that helps to gently remove pimples and cold sores without leaving any scars. Containing 100% natural ingredients this unique anti-acne solution is suitable for everyday use. Its specially designed silicone head effectively massages and applies the unique solution whilst preventing back-flow to stop cross-infection.

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Recommendation 100% Natural Ingredients
Additional Information Active Ingredients

* Nano Silver: an effective cleanser and anti-bacterial agent

* Lemon Balm has a reputation for cleansing sores

* Tea tree oil and Eucalyptus oil are good anti-bacterial agents

* Witch Hazel extract which has been used by many for years to clear up spots

The combination of all these natural ingredients works excellent on acne and cold sores.


Twister pen design

* Easy to apply

* Eliminate cross infection from hands

* Washable silicone head

* Portable and dicrete to carry

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