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Schick Hydro Compatible Metal Handle Razor Set


Schick Hydro compatible* razor set, including a lightweight, ergonomic handle with 2 super sharp, stainless steel razor blades cartridges.

* IMPORTANT: While T Series razor cartridges can be used with a Schick Hydro handle, our T Series handle CANNOT be used with original Schick Hydro blades.

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Schick Hydro Compatible Razor Set

* T-Series Metal Handle Set delivers high-quality blades for a super smooth, close and easy shave. 

  • Engineered with high-quality, stainless steel razor blades.
  • Unique, full-coverage lubricating strip + roller guides glide the razor effortlessly over skin.
  • Lubricating strips moisturizes skin while you shave.
  • Rinses easily and quickly with its open-back, flow-through design.
  • Weighty, ergonomic handle fits comfortably in your hand, non-slip grip provides better control.

You Get: 1 x Metal Handle + 2 x 5-Blade Cartridges Schick Hydro Compatible Razors

* Important: While Schick Hydro Compatible Razors T-Series razor cartridges will fit a Schick Hydro handle, our T-Series handle CANNOT be used with original Schick Hydro blades.

How often should you replace your razor?

Every five to seven shaves is best — change your razor cartridge, or throw away your disposable razor, every five to seven shaves depending on the thickness of your growth. This will help to minimize skin irritation and reduce the spread of bacteria.

Weight .07 kg
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 cm


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