Applicator Tampons Super

Applicator Tampons Super


Provides approximately 11g absorbency.
Suitable for medium- to heavy-flows days.
Applicator tampons may be a perfect start for first-time tampon users.

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Wonder Applicator Tampons Super are designed to provide ultimate protection on medium- to heavy-flow days.

Applicator Tampons Super are perfect for medium- to heavy-flow days.
The applicator helps to gently insert and guide the tampon in to place, easily.
Flexible, rounded, petal-shaped applicator tip for smooth insertion.
Embossed grip on applicator for a better hold.
Individually wrapped to pop in your bag and take anywhere.

Always use the lowest-absorbency tampon for your flow. Change every 4–6 hours, or as required.
Tampon use has been associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). TSS is rare but a serious disease that may cause death. Always read and keep the enclosed information for use.
Tampon Ingredients:
Viscose, PP/PE thermobonded no-woven overwrap and cotton/polyester cord.

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Weight.150 kg
Dimensions14 × 12.5 × 6 cm


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