M5 Metal Handle Razor Set

Metal razor handle

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  • M5 Metal Handle Razor Set


    M5 gives a superior shave with it’s sleek, slimline metal handle, and 5-blade + trimmer razors. Perfect for hard-to-shave and sensitive areas. Get super smooth skin with M5…the best razor blades online.

  • M5 Razor Plastic Handle Razor Set


    Superior, 5-blade + trimmer blade razors // super smooth shave // great for hard-to-shave and sensitive areas

  • Schick Hydro Compatible Plastic Handle Razor Set


    A lightweight, ergonomic, non-slip grip handle with 2 super sharp, stainless steel razor blades cartridges. Best Schick Hydro compatible razor blades*.

    * Important: While T-Series razor cartridges can be used with a Schick Hydro handle, our T-Series handle CANNOT be used with original Schick Hydro blades.