MACH3 Compatible Handle Razor Set

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  • MACH3 Compatible Handle Razor Set


    Get a close, clean shave these platinum-coated, 3-blade Gillette MACH3 compatible razor blades. With comfortable handle for an easy shave.

  • Gillette MACH3 Compatible 3-Blade Platinum Coated Razors


    Only $2.25/Blade

    Gillette MACH3 compatible, 3-blade razors made with platinum and glide polymer-coated, premium blades. Best men’s razors for a clean, close shave.

    * Important: While G-Series razor cartridges can be used with a Gillette MACH3 handle, our G-Series handle CANNOT be used with original Gillette MACH3 blades. These are not made by Gillette. Gillette and MACH3 are registered trademarks of Gillette.