Wonderflex6 Razor Blades 4Pk

Wonderflex6 Razor Blades 4Pk


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The ultimate razor for women. Perfect for body, underarms, and legs. Delivers silky smooth skin, effortlessly.

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Wonderflex6 provide the best shaves and the smoothest skin.

Wonderflex6 is the best razor for women. Wonderflex6 sets a new benchmark in shavers for women. Using the most innovative, advanced design you get a clean shave and silky smooth skin.

  • Flexible, 6-blade (double 3-blade) razor cartridge that bends and flexes to your shape, giving you a closer shave and super silky smooth skin.
  • Open-back design allows blades to rinse clean quickly, preventing clogging and giving you a longer-lasting, more hygienic blade.
  • Moisturizing strip with Aloe vera, vitamin E and lavender oils, which help prevent irritation and soothes already irritated skin.
  • Unique design that lifts and prepares hairs, delivering a smoother shave first time.

Wonderflex6 Razors are the best razor blades. Wonderflex6’s 6-blade shaving system delivers a super smooth shave. Unique design and engineering, and high-quality, flexible plastic. The guardian trimmer blade helps reach hard-to-shave and sensitive areas. Infused with Vitamin E, the nourishing moisturizing razor glides effortlessly across your skin, reducing irritation. Wonderflex6 shavers compete with the very best Gillette razors and Schick razors.Wonderflex6 blades are made in Korea from the highest quality materials. All blades are independently tested to ensure they are of comparable quality to other leading razor brands, guaranteeing you a high-quality product.

You Get: 4 x Wonderflex6 Razor Refill Cartridges

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