WIPEEZE 100% Pure Cotton Tips 500Pk

WIPEEZE 100% Pure Cotton Tips 500Pk


Soft & absorbent, premium-quality natural cotton swabs for cleaning the outer ear, make-up & first aid.

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100% Pure Cotton Tips

Soft, absorbent cotton swabs made with 100% high-quality pure cotton.

Wipeeze 100% Pure Cotton Tips are made from pure natural cotton and are soft and absorbent. Use our premium-quality cotton tips for cleaning the outer ear, for touching up make-up, or for first aid. Made with strong and flexible stems.

  • 100% Pure, Natural Cotton.
  • Ideal for beauty care, and applying and touching up makeup.
  • Gently cleanse baby’s skin.
  • For first aid use.

You Get: 1 Pack x 500 Cotton Tips
 Do not insert cotton tips into the ear canal or nasal cavities as this can cause serious medical issues

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What are cotton tips used for?

Cotton tips are great so many uses, and a must-have around the house. Here are just some:

Correcting eye makeup mishaps
Use a cotton tip to fix eye makeup mishaps. Perhaps you’ve applied too much eye shadow, or you’ve smudged your eyeliner, applied it a little too thick, or it’s not the shape you had planned. Using a slightly wet cotton tip helps you to fix or define your eye makeup look.

Applying makeup when you don’t have a makeup or lip brush
Cotton tips are the perfect replacement for smaller makeup brushes. Use a cotton swab to gently apply eye shadow, or blend or smudge eyeliner for a more gentle look. Also useful for applying lipstick with precision, especially if your favourite lip colour is in a pot..

Correcting manicure mishaps
We’ve all accidentally applied nail polish beyond our nails. To easily tidy up your nail colour, dip your cotton swab in a little nail polish remover and gently wipe away the excess colour. Using a cotton tip means you can target only the polish on the skin and not mess up your freshly-painted nails.

Keeping things hygienic
Q-Tips, as they are also know, are also an essential in any medical first-aid kit. Rather than using your fingers to apply creams or ointments, you can use a cotton tip to ensure hygiene is maintained. Cotton tips can also be used to gently clean and disinfect wounds.

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