Schick Hydro Compatible 3-Blade Razors

Schick Hydro Compatible 3-Blade Razors


Only $1.62/Blade

Schick Hydro Compatible blades for an easy and super-smoother shave.

Important: While T-Series Set razor cartridges can be used with a Schick Hydro handle, our T-Series Set handle CANNOT be used with original Schick Hydro blades.

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3-Blade Schick Hydro Compatible

Best razor blades at cheap prices that provide the smoothest and cleanest shave.

3-Blade Schick Hydro Compatible Razors deliver a super smooth shave. Unique design and engineering, and high-quality, stainless steel razor blades deliver a close shave. Infused with Vitamin E, the nourishing lubricating razor glides effortlessly across your skin, reducing irritation and moisturising. The open-back, flow through design means these are easy rinse razor blades. T Series razors compete with the very best Gillette razors and Schick razors. 

T Series3 has:

  • 4 x 3-blade Schick compatible refill cartridges. Please note, these are not genuine Schick blades.
  • Superior, stainless steel sensing blades shave closer for smoother skin
  • Roller guide helps the razor navigate the contours of your skin, helping to reduces the chance of nicks and cuts.
  • Lubricating strip glides the razor over your skin and moisturizes while you shave.
  • Compatible with the Schick Hydro handle.

How often should you replace your razor?

Every five to seven shaves it best — change your razor cartridge, or throw away your disposable razor, every five to seven shaves depending on the thickness of your growth. This will help to minimize skin irritation and reduce the spread of bacteria.

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Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1.5 cm


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