Orthodontic Care Kit Y-Kelin

Orthodontic Care Kit Y-Kelin


Y-Kelin Orthodontics Care Kit

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Y-Kelin Orthodontics Care Kit is a professional and high-quality product.

Suitable for both adults and childrens.

    • Brand: Y-kelin
    • Size: 26cm*11cm*3cm
    • Place of Origin: Anhui, CHINA
    • Features:
    • Professional and high quality
    • Suitable for adults and children
    • Package list:
    • 1. Travel-size Bag
    • 2. Orthodontic Toothbrush
    • 3. Back-up Brush
    • 4. Dental Mirror
    • 5. Mint Flavoured Floss
    • 6. Orthodontic Wax
    • 7. 3 Mins Hourglass Timer
    • 8. Interdental Brush

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RecommendationSuitable for both adults and childrens.
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