MINE BABY Small Nappies 60pk

MINE BABY Small Nappies 60pk


Baby Diapers, Size Small.

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Mine Baby Disposable Nappies offer an economical way to care for your baby or toddler 24/7. All our nappies are carefully designed to ensure your little one is comfortable and protected all day long. Why pay a small fortune for your essential baby care needs when you can buy with confidence from Aricare today!

Mine Baby Small nappies are recommended for babies between 2-6kg. With a cute unisex pattern these nappies can be used day or night with the highest confidence and style!

Additional Information

RecommendationFor babies 2-6 kilograms.
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Additional Information
  • Recommended for babies between 2-6kg


  • Bright and cute unisex pattern
  • Twin extraordinary leak-proof cuffs– for additional leakage resistance
  • Adjustable Mechanical Tape- allows for refastening and adjusting to ensure your little one has the perfect fit
  • Cotton-like surface– super soft to rapidly absorb moisture and provides a fresh feeling whilst protecting your baby’s delicate skin from irritation
  • Efficient absorbent core– Super thin but ultra absorbent core quickly traps moisture keeping the surface dry making sure your baby is as comfortable as possible
  • Tender stretch waistband– Ensure the nappy fits securely and comfortably around baby’s belly
  • Multi-elastic leg band– Additional protection for side leakage in those extreme moments
  • Breathable cover– allows warm air inside the diaper to escape quickly relieving the hot and uncomfortable feeling for your little one

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Weight1.361 kg
Dimensions34 × 27 × 11 cm


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