M5-Series Set // plastic handle + 2 razor cartridges

M5-Series Set // plastic handle + 2 razor cartridges

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Superior, 5-blade + trimmer blade razors // super smooth shave // great for hard-to-shave and sensitive areas

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  • Set includes one plastic handle + two 5-blade + trimmer-blade razor cartridges
  • Stainless steel blades shave extra close for super smooth skin, while the guardian trimmer helps with hard-to-shave and sensitive areas.
  • Lubricating strip with vitamin E and aloe vera helps this razor glides effortlessly over your skin, reducing irritation and nourishing your skin while you shave.
  • Specially-designed flow-through blades make rinsing blades clean quick and easy.
  • Click here to buy additional M5-Series5+ replacement cartridges.

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