Infant Gum Massage Brush Y-Kelin

Infant Gum Massage Brush Y-Kelin


Y-Kelin Gum Massage Brush

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  • Brand: Y-kelin
  • Size: 18cm x 10cm x 12cm
  • Place of Origin: Anhui, CHINA
    • Features:
    • Soft silicone bristles gently massage gums and new teeth.
    • Secure non-toxic silicone materials.
    • Super soft silicone handle is easy to hold.
    • Relieve gum pain and keep gums from receding.
    • Denture wearers, teethers and daily gum care
    • Directions for use:
    • 1. Place it to the gums, slightly bite the brush about 10~30 times.
    • 2. Hold on the handle, move around gently.
    • Smear toothpaste on the brush slot will be more effective.Remove the denture and grind areas that show pressure. (The areas will have less paste).

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