Ultra Thin Regular Pads with Wings

Ultra Thin Regular Pads with Wings


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Ultra Thin Regular Pads are super comfy and give the best protection on light and regular flow days.


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Best Ultra Thin Regular Pads

For the best period protection for light to regular flow days, buy the best Ultra Thin Pads Australia has.

Wonder Ultra Thin Pads Regular with Wings for ultimate protection in a super thin pad.

Shaped for extra comfort with a unique, super absorbent core and leak barriers to keep you feeling fresher and drier, longer. Buy the best Ultra Thin Pads online.

  • For light to regular-flow days.
  • Ultra-thin, flexible design, shaped to fit comfortably. Perfect for people on the go.
  • Super absorbent core for faster and better absorbency.
  • Wings and adhesive strip keep pad right where you want it.
  • Super-soft top cover is gentle on your skin.
  • Discreet size and individually wrapped.

You Get: 1 Pack x 18 Regular Pads

How often should I change my pad?

To keep that fresh feeling while you have your period, change your pad around every 4 hours or so. Of course, if you’re flow is heavier, you may want to be change your pad more often. Remember to choose the right pad for your flow.

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Additional information

Weight .12 kg
Dimensions 10.5 × 11 × 8.5 cm


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