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Maternity Pads Ultra Thin


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Best Ultra Thin Maternity Pads with Wings. Softer, comfier and with the protection you need after birth.



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Ultra Thin Maternity Pads with Wings

Wonder’s Ultra Thin Maternity Pads with Wings are the best maternity pads after birth. Wonder Ultra Thin Maternity Pads with Wings are ultra absorbent and softer than regular pads, so you are more protected and more comfortable after birth. Buy Maternity Pads online, Australia. Shop Wonder Maternity Pads for the best post natal protection.

Wonder’s ultra thin design delivers ultimate protection in a thin, comfy pad. Best maternity pads for after birth, with the added protection of wings to help the pad stay in place, buy soft and comfy. Also suitable for use as light incontinence pads for women. Buy Maternity Pads Online Australia.

  • Ultra-absorbent core wicks away moisture quickly, so you feel drier, longer.
  • Post-natal bleeding will be heavy at first, so we recommend Wonder Maternity Pads after giving birth. As bleeding slows, you can switch to Regular Pads.

You Get: 12 Pads per Pack

Why should I use maternity pads instead of normal pads? Maternity Pads are longer, softer, and more absorbent than regular pads. Also, after giving birth you may have vaginal/perineal stitches and it is likely the area tender will be tender. Since maternity pads are softer and don’t have plastic in their top cover like regular pads, they are less likely to irritate stitches.

How many maternity pads should I take to hospital? It is usual to need a minimum of two or three packs of 12 x maternity pads. You will need at least this many pads as the bleeding from your womb (uterus) will begin after your baby is born. At the start, you may have to change your pad every hour or so after giving birth. After a couple of days, you will need to change your pad only every three to four hours. Make sure you buy maternity pads as they provide extra absorbency and are a lot more comfortable.

How often should I change my maternity pad? During the days after giving birth, you may need to change your maternity pad every hour or two hours. This will reduce to every three to four hours after a couple of days.

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Dimensions 12 × 9.5 × 8.5 cm


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