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With added length & width Wonder Long Liners deliver extra period protection. Thin design with breathable backing + ultra-absorbent core, for that barely-there and fresher feeling.


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Best Long Panty Liners

Wonder daily long liners

Premium-quality menstrual care for people with periods. Buy Wonder for the best day-to-day and period protection.

  • Perfect for everyday use and light flow days.
  • Soft, cotton-like cover is more gentle against your skin.
  • Anatomically shaped, ultra-flexible, extra long and wide for superior protection and comfort.
  • High-quality absorbent fibres + breathable backing, so you feel fresher, longer.
  • Individually wrapped so you can easily pop them in your bag.

Buy Wonder, the best long panty liners for protection on the days either side of your period and the days in between. Perfect for use every day to help you feel fresher longer, and as backup protection when using tampons. Wonder competes in quality with big brands but at cheaper prices.  Wonder super absorbent lines allow for extra protection.

You Get: 6 Packs x 40 Liners = 240 Liners

Why use panty liners? Panty liners absorb everyday vaginal discharge, light flow periods when your period appears unexpectedly, staining at the beginning/end of your periods, general spotting, and post-intercourse discharge. Wonder liners help keep your underwear dry and stain-free. Great to use as a backup for your tampons (shop Wonder’s Tampon Range here).

Weight 0.72 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 42 cm


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