Bella Cotton Makeup Remover Pads 2800 Pieces


$1.30 per 80Pk

Less than $0.02/Round

Made with 100% pure, natural, premium-quality cotton.


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Cotton Makeup Remover Rounds Bulk Buy

Pure cotton, disposable makeup remover pads

Gently remove makeup with our absorbent and soft 100% pure cotton, disposable makeup remover pads.

Super soft, cotton wool pads are perfect for any part of your daily cleansing and beauty routine, for baby care, or to add to your first aid kit. Triple combed to make them softer, with special ‘stitching’ around the edge of the pad so they don’t fall apart, even when wet.

  • Soft, pure cotton is gentle against skin
  • Premium-quality absorbent cotton.
  • Unique ‘stitch-like feature to hold the pad together when wet.
  • Perfect for liquid cleansers, eye makeup removers and nail polish remover.
  • Add to you first aid kit.

You Get: 35 Pack x 80 = 2800 Pieces of 100% Cotton Makeup Remover Pads/Rounds

Produced By: Lemoine, France
Made In: Netherlands

What are makeup rounds good for?

Makeup remover pads, or rounds, will quickly become one of the most used items in your beauty routine. They are perfect for applying cleansers and toner, and for removing makeup and nail polish. Cotton rounds can also be used for gentle baby care, and they are great to keep in your first-aid kit.

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Weight 1.917 kg
Dimensions 39 × 30 × 24 cm


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