Back Massager Kentro KTR-301 / KTR-302


Back Massager Kentro KTR-301 / KTR-302


Back Massager Low-Frequency Lumbar Spine Muscle Relief Kentro KTR-301/KTR-302

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The Kentro Low-Medium Frequency Back Massager provides great comfort, improves blood circulation and relaxe3s muscles

Kentro Low-medium Frequency Lumbar Massager helps promote local blood circulation, relaxes muscles, and relieves muscle fatigue. It may assist in the treatment of lumbar disc protrusion, lumbar muscle strain, lumbar hyperostosis, and lumbosacral pain.

Package includes:

– Low-medium Frequency Lumbar Massager KTR 301 with remoteor –  KTR 302 without remote
– Batteries
– User’s Manual

Note: Controller comes with English functions

Additional Information

  • Features

    • Ergonomic design, aesthetic and scientific, perfectly fits the lower back curve
    • Stretch and recover your lumbar
    • Synchronous health-care system
    • FIR hot compress can warm and activate meridians, promote blood circulation and remove stasis
    • Two Special voice guides provide easier operation
    • Several built-in magnets used to perform magnetic therapy against acupuncture point

  • Specification:
    • Model KTR 301 or 302
    • Power 100-240VAC
    • Dimension of packaging box 460 x 350 x 115 mm
    • Weight About 2450g
    • Ambient environment -20°C – +55°C
    • Pulse frequency 1Hz – 1200Hz

Additional information

Weight 6.027 kg
Dimensions 49 × 41 × 12 cm

KTR-301, KTR-302


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