Fish-Off Wipes

Fish-Off Fishing Wipes

Essential fishing equipment that make cleaning away fishy smells easy.

If you want to catch fish, you’ll want to be prepared. Adding the essentials to your tackle box means you are always ready for a day out fishing. A tackle-box-must-have are Fish-Off Fishing Wipes.

Use them before you start fishing to remove dirt and sunscreen from your hands. This means your bait and lures won’t be tainted with smells that may repel fish. Plus, the formula is specially scented to attract fish to lures & baits you touch. Use fishing hand wipes after fishing to remove and neutralize fishy odours on hands and fishing tools and equipment.

Ever wondered what to buy your fishing friends who have all the gadgets already? A great fishing gift for your fishing friends.

Enjoy your fishing, but leave the fishy smells behind.

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