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Looking for the Best Razors for Women that will maintain your silky-smooth skin, hassle free? Select from a great range of razor blades, including the amazing Wonderflex 6-blade razorGillette compatible blades, Schick compatible blades, genuine M5 blades, + more! So you can keep your skin soft and smooth all the time. Shop now and enjoy easy and free shipping on all blades.

Aricare stocks the best razors for women, including Gillette MACH3 compatible blades and Schick compatible blades, so you get the best shave every time. A moisturizing and lubricating strip helps glide blades effortlessly over skin and nourishes skin as you shave. Buy the best razor blades for a smooth shave, at the best price.

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  • M5 Razor Blades

    $9.99 inc. GST

    Only $2.75/Refill

    M5 delivers a superior shave with premium, stainless steel razor blades.
    5-blade + trimmer razors are perfect for hard-to-shave and sensitive areas.
    Get super smooth skin with M5…best razor blades online.

  • Gillette MACH3 Compatible 3-Blade Platinum Coated Razors

    $8.17 inc. GST

    Only $2.25/Blade

    Gillette MACH3 compatible, 3-blade razors made with platinum and glide polymer-coated, premium blades. Best men’s razors for a clean, close shave.

    * Important: While G-Series razor cartridges can be used with a Gillette MACH3 handle, our G-Series handle CANNOT be used with original Gillette MACH3 blades. These are not made by Gillette. Gillette and MACH3 are registered trademarks of Gillette.


  • Titan 5-Blade Razor Cartridges

    $7.23 inc. GST

    Superior 5-blade shaving razor cartridges with lubricating strip for a flawless, easy, close shave. Available in blue, green, yellow or red.

  • Titan 4-Blade Razor Cartridges

    $6.32 inc. GST

    Superior blades paired with a lubricating strip for a flawless shave. Team it up with a lightweight, slimline plastic or weighty metal handle. Blades available in blue, green, yellow or red.

  • Wonderflex6 Razor Blades 4Pk

    $14.54 inc. GST

    Only $3.99/Blade

    The ultimate razor for women. Perfect for body, underarms, and legs. Delivers silky smooth skin, effortlessly.

  • Schick Quattro Compatible Razor Blades Halo5

    $9.08 inc. GST

    Only $2.50/Refill

    Premium 5-blade women’s razor with pivoting head. Glides over skin easily, leaving it silky smooth to touch.