Applicator Tampons Regular


Buy Best Applicator Tampons when you choose Wonder. Our applicator tampons provide protection against period leaks, with the added ease of applicator insertion. Buy Super Applicator Tampons for medium–heavy flow days, and Regular Applicator Tampons for light–medium flow days.

Wonder Applicator Tampons have a smooth, rounded applicator to assist with tampon insertion. These are a great option for girls who are new to using tampons as it helps guide the tampon in to place. Buy Best Applicator Tampons available online, Australia.

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  • Applicator Tampons Regular

    $4.50 inc. GST

    Provides up to 8gr absorbency.
    Suitable for light- to medium-flows days.
    Applicator tampons may be the perfect start for first-time tampon users.

  • Applicator Tampons Super

    $4.50 inc. GST

    Provides approximately 11g absorbency.
    Suitable for medium- to heavy-flows days.
    Applicator tampons may be a perfect start for first-time tampon users.

  • Tampons Mini

    $2.23 inc. GST

    All Wonder Tampons are designed to be discrete, reliable, and to provide the ultimate protection.

    Wonder Mini Tampons are the perfect choice for first-time users or for a light flow. Their smaller design and softcover ensures that you are comfortable throughout your period! With Wonder, you can be a confident Wonder-girl all month long!