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Menstrual Care

Shop the full range of Wonder padsmaternity pads, applicator tampons and liners. You’ll want the best period protection, so start with having the right period product to suit your needs. Flexible, long, breathable and comfy pads, easy to use applicator tampons, and ultra thin, stay fresh, breathable panty liners. Wonder is designed to comfortably fit your body and move with you, so no matter what you’ve got going on, Wonder goes with you.

Feel extra sure and comfortable with Wonder. You will quickly discover Wonder offers the best menstrual care products for people with periods. Ultra-thin pads, maxi pads, maternity pads, pads with wings, night pads, and more. Regular + super applicator tampons. Breathable, ultra-thin, long panty liners…shop the best menstrual care products now.

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